(For a left handed golfer)

Suede microfiber material

Patented pre-rotated finger design

Tapered finger design

Easy grab-tab

Patented pad system

Team Bionic™

Lycra gussets

Conforms with the Rules of Golf

Men's Bionic AquaGrip™ Golf Gloves

PLEASE NOTE: This glove is for a left handed golfer and is worn on the players right hand!

Do what you do better - even in the rain! Our AquaGrip™ rain gloves feature anti-slippage technology so they actually become tackier when wet, helping to secure your grip in inclement weather. Stay on the course longer, rain or shine, with Bionic Gloves.

• Suede microfiber material becomes tackier when wet.
• Tapered finger design conforms to the individual shape of your fingers for a more natural fit.
• Patented pad system helps retain the new glove feel.
• Lycra gussets, alongside web and motion zones, provide a better range of motion, fit and feel.
• Patented pre-rotated finger design complements the natural anatomy of the hand.
• Easy grab-tab makes glove removal simple and quick.
• Team Bionic™
• Conforms with the Rules of Golf.